Monday, September 22, 2008

Writers & Readers

Someone once told me that writing is about becoming conscious. It's about returning to that place in yourself where you're open to everything the world has to offer, good or bad, and happy to learn your lessons from it all. Writing is about letting people look at the world from behind your eyes. And that's what makes creative writing so personal. It's not a neutral textbook description, a glossed over magazine article, or a monotone news report. It's everything and everyone you know all rolled up into one little marble and flung out on the hardwood floor for whoever wants to pick it up and inspect it. It's every emotion and trial, victory or defeat, that you've ever had - laid out on the table with just a little bit of trimming for everyone else to pass judgement on.

And in many ways, that's what makes it wonderful. Because if you're lucky (and I try so very hard to be lucky) you will get to have those incredible moments when someone reads your writing and smiles, laughs, or tells you that - yes, they know what you mean, they understand how you feel. And that is all the validation that a writer can ever need. To know that maybe some little part of what you've written made someone pause for a second and think about things a little differently. Or that maybe, after a long day, someone will read something of yours that reminds them to be strong, to always pursue what's most important to them, and to never ever give up no matter how hard things might seem. I think that that is what we all look for in good writing - something to connect with, and to take us out of our own perspectives for just a little bit.

Because the best and truest writing is the kind that allows us to see ourselves more clearly through its pages. It's the kind that forces us to look at the issues that we ignore and encourages us to act upon the things we find unacceptable. It a renewer of hope and a light for those that have lost their way. The kindest and most generous of writing is that which doesn't appease us with fairytale endings but instead encourages us be brave even when we feel unsure. It's the writing that entertains while it educates, and teaches while it transports us away from the daily grind. This is the kind of writing I want to do. This is the kind of writer I want to be.

So in light of all of this let me give a little shout-out to all the awesome-ly awesome people that have not only subscribed to my feed and followed the blog, but also endured all the techie work (which never seems to end) and left me some amazingly kind comments. You guys and all your comments are what keep me writing (and this blog going). So thanks a ton everyone - you guys are the best readers a girl could ask for.

Elizabeth Marie

P.S. Since we're talking about the blog I'd love if you guys could show it off to your friends? Hmm? Wink-wink!


Zelda said...

Excellent post. As a reader & occasional writer, I know exactly what you is all about the connection... and when you get it's the greatest.

kristin said...

Yeah! I love it. And you really are a pretty awesome writer and you can totally be successful doing it!

Mike M said...

I'm having trouble tracking down the original author, but I think it was Frederick Buechner who said that a person’s vocation is found when their deepest passion meets the world’s greatest need.

And this type of connection is certainly one of the world's greatest needs.

Don't ever lose track of your passion!

NewlywedCentral said...

Writer to writer, you are spot on (as the English say) -- I hear the depth of your words that clearly reflect the passion in your heart...

Varun said...

Thannks....and great going!!!

Erica said...

Well, my dear, just keep doing what you're doing, because you do it very well! I never used to consider myself a writer, but after having finished my MBA, I may as well have become a professional at it. I started my blog as a place to vent and share things with my friends, but it has evolved into so much more than that.

Jamie said...

his was a great post. Really.

Dad to Two said...

I just popped in from blog catalog, and I have to tell you, I am already a fan. You have a wonderful style to you writing that is entertaining to read. Thanks you for sharing with us. said...

Yay for writing!

Folding Bike Destinations said...

Great post! It made me think. How does a writer know they’re a writer? I’ve had a couple or articles published and I write a blog yet I could esteem myself to the lofty title of writer. Deep down I know I don’t have what it takes to be a writer. A pilot gets his wings, an attorney passes the bar. When does a writer become a writer?

Amy said...


I just found your blog and I love both the content and the design. I just started blogging and I am so envious when I find experienced bloggers who have it all going on. I'll definitely be an avid reader. Great blog!

Dustin, Katie, and Jack said...

I have to tell you, I think you are an excellent writer...I've loved reading your blog--it makes me wish I could write like you! Keep writing...I'll keep reading!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Zelda - I'm glad you think so. I totally agree!

Kristin - Thanks hun! I really hope so! Loving the new photos on your blog too. Everyone go read Kristins blog - she's a great photographer!

Mike - Awesome quote. Thanks for the support.

Newlywedcentral - Thank you - always nice to have another writers approval.

Varun - Thank you!

Erica - I know just what you mean. I had no idea that after just a few months Just Lizabell would have so many nice people reading and commenting it!

Jamie - Thanks tons hun!

Dad To Two - I'm glad you're liking it! Thanks for sticking around!

Perpetual Smile - Absolutely!

Folding Bike Destinations - I did a post on exactly this a while ago. When does a writer get to call themselves that? There's no degree or destination that determines our success.

Amy - I'm so glad you like it! Welcome to the blog world!

Katie - Thanks so much, thats way sweet of you to say! We definitely need to get together sometime!

Jessica Lawlor said...

i really enjoyed this post. i just subscribed to your blog yesterday, so I am catching up on your posts.

I am trying really hard to put more time aside for writing. It's really hard.

I write for a PR blog, but want to start my own personal one, but can't seem to find the inspiration...I am hoping that your blog will help me get inspired!