Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I don't make it a habit to write about politics on my blog but this time I simply had to say something.

Sarah Palin? Come on. Seriously?

Ignoring the fact that she's been in office for a grand total of five minutes, that she's younger than Obama(thus nullifying the "young and impressionable" card the Rep's keep playing), that she is extremely unqualified and inexperienced especially when, if (god forbid) McCain were to win the presidency, she has the very real possibility of having to take over upon his death, the real issue I have with her being named as McCain's running mate is that I simply cannot see it as anything other than a bid for the pro-Hilary voters. Is that really a move that the Republicans believe will sway Hillary's almost-demographic (which consisted mainly of young college students, the elderly, and middle class women)? It's frustrating that the GOP seem's to be harboring the belief that those of us that supported Hillary did so merely because of her possession of ovaries - and will settle for anyone else that just happens to fall in that category. Ms. Palin is anything but adherant to even the most basic of feminist principles, and frankly its rather terrifying to have a woman who returned to work just three days after having her child making decisions about the rights and choices other women have over their own bodies.

Palin is, time and again, introduced as a "mother of five" and a "mother to a down syndrome baby" which, once again, makes me wonder what the party is aiming at by touting all these motherly ideals. Has it not occured that the last thing the pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-health care women of this country are looking for is an anti-choice, pro-drilling, anti-health care governer who, instead of shielding her daughter (and said daughters' pregnancy) from the media, seems to be hoping it will cast her family into a We-Are-Noble-And-Self-Sacrificing-Light. Unfortunately for our Red party, there are too many voters who believe that women are not interchangable and that it actually does matter what their positions, beliefs, ideals and ethics are - not just their gender. I am, however, still appaled that someone out there seems to think that having a woman in office, any woman as it were, will appease us (watch out for the scary word --->) feminists.

Just because she's a woman, doesn't mean she has a feminist agenda.


P.S. Sorry for the rant - politics drive me crazy.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutley BRILLIANT!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen darling. Amen.

Sarah said...

I have yet to claim a party but my family is die hard republican.

But the fact that Palin is for abstinence only education. Not for actually educating young teens about how to protect themselves from STI's and unexpected pregnancies. It's a proven fact that this type of education doesn't work and it's scary to think about how many young people will just not be prepared for the consequences of their actions.

You'd think she'd be smarter now that her 17 year old daughter got knocked up with the abstinence only education.

So I'm pretty much voting for Obama if for no other reason than this country is scary enough it doesn't need to be worse with the rapid spread of disease.

Me! said...

Well said!

Healy Household said...

Hey Marie! Cool. You have a blog too! I love how your write!

lindsay Roscoe said...

All I can say is oh boy you are so young!!