Sunday, September 21, 2008

Popcorn Popping

Me: Tell me what my Christmas present is!

Crayon: No.

Me: Come on!

Crayon: Nope.

Me: You better tell me. Or else.

Crayon: Or else what?

Me: I'm going to fill your car with popcorn kernels, roll up all the windows, and let you have a field day watching our 100 degree weather turn your car into a portable microwave.

Crayon: ......

Me: You're car is gonna smell like popcorn FOREVER.

Crayon: ......

Me: And you'll never get all the popcorn out of the seats and the carpeting.

Crayon: ....

Me: Not to mention you'll attract every seagull in the state with that popcorn smell. I can already see you weaving through traffic trying to escape them as they dive through your sun roof in hopes of a beak-full of buttery delicious-ness.

Crayon: ......Really?

Me: *feigns innocence* Really. That is - unless you want to tell me what my Christmas present is?

Crayon: I'll take my chances with the seagulls.

Me: Oh. My. God. Fine. I'm so doing the popcorn thing. Just you wait.

Crayon: If you put popcorn in my car you can't have your Christmas present.

Me: *pouts* Fine.

I wont put it in his car. I'll just put it on his sunroof. Nice surprise for when he opens it.


Kaiser said...

See, he might not open the sunroof and it would blow away before he gets a chance. What you need to do is to drive to the place where he works every weekend in the same car and sprinkle popcorn all over the ground near the car. Swarms of birds eventually will come and eat it all. You slowly move the location of the popcorn close and closer to the car until you pile it all in the front seat. Do this all several times over the course of maybe a year. Then, one day when he goes to work, BAM! Hundreds of pidgeons swarming into his car as soon as he opens his door. Don't need to thank me.

Folding Bike Destinations said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. So far, I've only hit destinations in the US. Next month will be Vancouver, Canada or Juarez, Mexico. I'm hoping to hit the Moscow after that. People like you make me angry by the way. I go off, do something exciting, write about it and make it sound boring. But somehow you can write about a bug zapper and make it sound utterly intriguing. Keep it up and I will have to keep reading your blog!

NewlywedCentral said...

Bwhahaha -- I love the flirtiness between two people who are in love :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Kaiser - You win the award for funniest comment. Hands down. I read this out loud to Crayon over the phone - he now thinks the blogging world is out to get him. I'm sooooo doing this!

Folding bike - Thanks so much for the comment! I'm excited to see your next post! Bali is the way to go - I'm telling you. ;-)

Newlywedcentral - Thanks lol. What can I say? He's a cutie! said...

Do it. :D