Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Crazy Ones

Parents are such interesting creatures. I'm not really sure when parenting became a hobby/pastime in our society, but I'm going to assume it was around the same time that the breed of psychotically obsessed, my-child-will-win-the-beauty-pageant-damn-it, crazymommybloggers developed. Now I have nothing against the mommy-blogging culture. In fact I think its great that there are families out there that get along well enough that they can stand still for pictures and find time to post said pictures on sunflower decorated blogs without taking any form of cheeriness-inducing medication. I'm also jealous of the constant stream of writing material that a hyper four year old must provide. However, that being said, its the crazy mommy bloggers that scare me. The ones that update every fifteen minutes, and write eerie posts about how much they loooooooooove their kids. First of all taking pictures of every-single-thing your child does all day long is such a ridiculous waste of camera space that it should be banned completely. No one (not even the fake-ly adoring, well-manicured, botoxed mother in law) cares quite that much, that we need a constant stream of information regarding Jane's new habit of eating the fridge magnets, or Robbie's recent taking to gift-wrapping the cat. Secondly, if you really do love your children to that extent shouldn't you be spending time with them instead of typing obnoxiously long paragraphs, filled with aggressive run-on sentences, explaining that yes you do love your children, as evidenced by all the photographs, new presents, and lengthy posts, - regardless of what child services has to say. It's the creepy stage mothers like this that give all the well meaning, family oriented blogs a bad name.


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lindsay Roscoe said...

You apparently do not have children and possibly no friends with children because if you did you would know that once you are a mother your children become your life, and yes every little tiny thing that children do does make parents grandparents and all friends happy and we all love to hear about it. There is no such thing as wasted camera space when it comes to children in this world. That was a sad judgement!! This is just my opinion and all other mothers.

Sarah said...

While Lindsay has her points I agree with you.

I worry about the complexes those children are developing as their mothers are obsessed with them and exposing them to the world. As much as I love the internet it's still not a safe place and putting hundreds and hundreds of pictures all over about your kids can be scary.

I just hope those crazy stage mothers aren't ruining their kids forever.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Lindsay - While I totally support the mothers that are simply being all about their kids, I have to note that Sarah has a good point here - the internet is not as safe as we sometimes think it is. Take Dooce (Heather Armstrong) who has seen photos of her daughter manipulated in awful ways- its pretty scary stuff. Also there's a fine line between being an adoring parent and showing off your baby like a new accessory.

Sarah - Loved your thoughts on this! Good point about developing a complex.

Me! said...

I think there's a strong difference between the "family blogs" where moms (and dads) post with the intention to share with long distance family and friends, and the "creepy family blogs" where people post pictures that only there own mother could appreciate but somehow feel the rest of the world wants to see little Johnny in his Superman diaper.

Both Elizabeth and Lindsay were merely stating an opinion ... welcome to America!

Lindsay said...

Yes, we all have our own opinions. Funny how you even saw what I posted. Who told you that? Not like the whole blogger world can't read it though.:) Anyway, it sounded almost like me before I had a daughter. Gosh, even when I was pregnant, I would hear a screaming kid in a restaurant and think (out loud) ugggh get them out of here!!! Funny how things change so much after you have a baby. You will see that it is not a waste of camera space! :)You'll love your child more than you can imagine possible. Hey, if you want me to take the link to your blog off my page, let me know. I'm over it now!