Thursday, September 11, 2008


I know I don't need to spend time on Etsy. I know that. However, god help me, the amount of cuteness that is radiating from Etsy's vintage section makes me want spend ridiculous amounts of money on things I don't need, will never use, and can't afford. But I'll be damned if I don't fill my first house with pretty rugs and wall prints from the eight hundred stores I just bookmarked into my favorites (if Crayon doesn't mind, that is - and knowing him he'll just be excited with me and encourage me to buy everything. bad influence).

The problem with me and Etsy is that we just can't commit. It gets all anxious and starts trying to seduce me withs its colorful mugs and artsy dish towels and then I get all withdrawn and start freaking out over my budget (which does NOT have an Etsy column in it btw) and then it gets clingy and tries to win me back by showing off all its pretty new accessories and the whole thing just starts all over.
Still, here are the results of my mini-afternoon-affairs with Etsy of the teapot variety. Did I mention I collect cute little teapots? I don't actually drink tea or anything I just think they're cute. Yeah, its a problem. They have support groups for people like me.

Ok this first one isn't actually a teapot. It's like a little favor box for parties. Someone please throw me a party or do something fantastic so that I might have an excuse to buy tons of these and fill them with other pretty things. Linkie

Ok this second one is sheer brilliance in a teapot. I mean what is this exactly? I'm thinking a cross between a zebra a giraffe and an an armadillo embodied in a teapot. I love it. Absolutely love it. Someone please buy this for me. Please. I NEED it. ;-) Linkie!

Ok this one last one appeals to the more hippy-esque side of me. I could never have the heart to actually put water in this. I'd feel bad and probably end up crying and assuring it that I meant no harm. Love the sun theme going on here. Linkie!

Ok that's all for tonight. More Etsy addiction to come soon!


Jamie said...

etsy will be the end of me. i had to start a whole new blog dedicated to mainly etsy stuff. i giveaway stuff too!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I know your etsy-oriented blog is going to have me petting my computer screen lol!

Lord Chimmy said...

Ummm that hippie teapot is a cheap $15 tea pot that someone got all crafty on. How do I know? I picked mine up from Walgreens.

$95?! Someone is putting a premium on their craft skills. It doesn't even have the cups!

Trish said...

Sorry, but I thought the middle one looked just a little bit too much like it could serve an alternative use as a bedpan!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Lord Chimmy - Ohmigod. That's crazy. Hmm Walgreens you say? I might have a little errand to run today.

Trish - Yea blame my weird obsession for spotted inanimate objects lol.