Monday, September 8, 2008


Me: So what are you up to tonight?

Crayon: Heading up to Mel's place to work on the car. I miss it. And the bunnies.

Me: The bunnies?

Crayon: Yeah. The ones that run around in Mel's backyard. I've named them all.

Me: You've named the bunnies? Let's hear it.

Crayon: Furry One, Furry Two, Momma Furry, Baby Furry, and Frank.

Me: Ummm....Frank?

Crayon: Yeah. Frank. He's the fearless one. I've caught him chasing the deer twice!

Me: Frank. The bunny. Chases deer?

Crayon: Yeah. Duh.

Me: *I'm-not-buying-this-pause*

Crayon: He tackles them too....


NewlyWed07 said...

lol -- Do you really have a friend name Crayon? your blog is great :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Thanks! And just to avoid any confusion his name isnt actually Crayon lol. It's a nickname I gave him (my fiance) shortly after he started calling me sharpie ;-) said...

Those bunnies, they can be mighty bold!