Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain/Obama Debate

Here's what made me really happy about the debate last night:
  • Obama didn't make a single cutting-down type of remark towards McCain. That is the kind of respect and perspective we need in a leader.
  • McCain did nothing but interrupt and tear down Obama - and it was noticed.
  • Obama did wonderfully at proving that even though he doesn't have as much foreign policy experience as McCain he is just as capable, if not better, at making good decisions regarding such matters.
  • Obama got through the whole debate without a single misstatement.
  • McCain showed great disrespect for not only Obama but the moderator as well while Obama was very well-mannered for the entire debate.
  • Joe Biden was interviewed following the debate but Sarah Palin was nowhere to be found.
  • People polled said that either Obama won the debate or it was a tie. Supporters for McCain seemed to be few and far between.
Overall I was really pleased with the way Obama stood his ground and presented his policies. I actually sort of feel bad for McCain and the fact that he has to pull false statements out of thin air to keep up with Obama. Not to mention that there's a bunch of controversy now over whether or not McCain swore a few times during the debate. It all seems pretty irrelevant at this point as Obama is moving further and further ahead in the polls. We'll have to see how the next month plays out but I have a good feeling that Obama will be our next president.

I'm also really looking forward to watching Sarah Palin trip all over herself during the debate with Joe Biden next week. Sounds like tons of fun to me.

*Obama 2008*


Kaiser said...

Actually, considering that over half of the debate was about the economy and not foreign policy as it should have been, I'd have to say that McCain didn't do as bad as he could have done. In fact, I don't think Obama was a savvy as he could have been.

Overall, I don't think the debate proved anything. Both of them basically repeated what they've been saying on their respective campaigns. McCain relied on his strengths in foriegn policy, held his ground okay on the economy, and called in (respected or not) historical figures. That's what he knows. Obama relied on his strengths in support for a more liberal economy, linked McCain to Bush as much as could be done, and held his own ground on foreign policy. People are obviously going to be tilted in Obama's favor, mainly because of Bush's unpopular policies, the declining economy, and wanting to pull out of Iraq.

I personally didn't like this debate; it proved nothing, no one clearly came out on top, and both candidates gave stupid, vague answers to stupid, vague questions. I agree that the VP debates are going to be much more interesting and clarifying. I personally support McCain and Palin, but I'll be interested to see how this turns out.

Thank you for putting up with this extremely long comment.
That is all.

Rico said...

As one who is not voting for either candidate I thought I'd check out the debate to see if it might change my mind. Nope! I don't think either of them did better or worse than the other on much.

Obama used a tactic that Bush used in the 200 debates by saying (a few times), "I agree with (opponent)."

This typically shows lack of confidence in your own position versus your opponent, but yes, I realize it SOMETIMES might mean they truly agree.

End of the day, as someone who is truly un-biased when it comes to Obama/McCain, I thought the debate ended fairly even.

I just wish the Commission on Presidential Debates would act like we live in a democratic society and allow 3rd party candidates. The last time they did (in 1992) Ross Perot took 20% of the popular vote. Before that debate Perot was only polling at 7%. That's HUGE! But it was also after that debate that the commission increased the required polling up to 15% -- why? To keep 3rd parties out. Perot scared the Reps and Dems.

One day we'll learn... one day.

Dad to Two said...

I think both could have done better. Maybe all the theatrics had an impact on their prep time. I also like Obama's restraint on pointless attacks, and also dislike McCain's use of lies. I posted similar thoughts on my blog today. Keep up the good work.

Philip said...

You're so beautiful it makes me want to move to Utah, but I think Obama didn't shine in that debate

Codys! said...

McSame '08!

Ms. Salti said...

I didn't watch the debate for fear I'd pull my hair out. However, on the way to work I did hear a snippet of the SNL spoof of the Palin/Couric interview, and I giggled all the way to work. Thank you for the synopsis of the debate... it's greatly appreciated!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Kaiser - I think a large portion of the debate was meant to be about the economy as it is our economy that greatly affects the way we deal in foreign affairs. The debate was a clear indicator that Obama has the economic savvy and patience to help us find our way out of the financial mess the Bush administration created. Interesting comments. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Rico - I seriously doubt that Obama is "using a tactic" by agreeing with McCain on a few issues. It's more likely an example of his bipartisian belief that not everything is black and white nor is it simply red or blue. Also I must disagree with you - no one is truly unbiased when it comes to the leader of their country. Nice observations here.

Dad To Two - Thanks. I agree with you on Obama's restraint. Very mature of him.

Philip - Thank you for the compliment but I must inform you that you'll be sadly disappointed if you move :-). I'm happily engaged. It may not have been Obama's most spectacular debate but I'd rather not have a president that shocks and shines now and can't hold his ground later.

Codys - Hell No.

Ms. Salti - If you liked the SNL bit go look up Palin's interview with Katie Couric. It's absolutely fabulous. I love how Couric wont let her get out of the questions. It will both make you laugh and terrify you.

Thanks for the great comments everyone! I'm looking forward to hearing more of them after the V.P. debate this Thursday!

Lea Self said...

I noticed those exact same points in the debates as well. Obama is what America needs in its state of complete turmoil right now, but if Obama thinks that having the most number of votes is going to win him the election in America, he's sorely mistaken. We all remember Florida..

but let's hope for the best, because if Obama indeed does not win this election, I'm moving to the UK, where my health insurance is sworn to me. Great blog, Lizabell. =)

SBWaire said...

I was bothered by the fact that McCain never looked at Obama. Looking forward to the VP debate tomorrow especially after the latest snippet of Palin's interview with Katie Couric..