Thursday, July 31, 2008


Perspective can often be a hard thing to come by. It's something that flits in and out of our vision, never staying long enough. Unfortunately, when it does show up, it always seems to be too late. It's a daily reminder that would truly be useful. Instead it seems that its only at the the end of the day, after the fact, that it makes its presence known.

Stephanie over at Greek Tragedy (a wonderful writer whom I'm terribly jealous of) is in the midst of an awful situation. Her husband has several heart problems - all of them very serious. From everything I've read on her blog I have no doubt that both she and her husband will be able to move on successfully but I still worry for her sake. Keep your thoughts with her. She needs every thoughtful comment she can get right now.

It's things like these that make me realize, not only that there are areas of my life in which I might be doing better, but how truly frightening it is that we so quickly lose the focus, the clarity that tragedy and misfortune bring. Our culture has become so desensitized that it now takes shocking amounts of blood and wreckage to stir us into action. It's become all too easy for us to just change the channel, turn down the radio, fold up the paper, and move on.

I cant even begin to imagine what Stephanie feels like right now. I know that if it were me and the man I love I would be collapsing in on myself with fear and worry. Just considering the idea of something happening to him makes me ache in places I didn't know I had. There are too many instances where we don't know the true value of things until they've left us for good. And when it really comes down to it - it shouldn't require a loved one in the hospital or in the ground to compel us to live each day like the gift it is.

Let this be my resolution to always always live each day with passion and gratitude for all the wonderful things that have come into my life (especially the amazing man who is my match in every way).


P.S. If anyone has any thoughts on this matter - I'd love to hear them.


Tassie Rosamond said...

Hi! I'm a friend of Jessica AKA "Life in Cheerio Land" and I totally agree with your posting. My father had a heart attack and quadruple by-pass surgery several years ago and it put things in perspective for my family. You're a very gifted writer!

brokedownmelody said...

to try and live each day with passion and gratitude and to its fullest is all we can ever try to do. but there will be roadblocks and instances to where its only human to lose focus sometimes. and sometimes it does take something like a loved one in the hospital to regain our senses. even i had to open my eyes just recently and regain focus. as funny as it may sound i was watching mtv. there is this show called true life. and this guy was trying to make ends meet with his family. he had a fiance and she had a son and they had a baby on the way. he just managed to scrape up enough to pay off the rent for that month. when it came down to what they were going to eat for dinner that night they had a total of about $11-$12 dollars. they sat there figuring out how much they each could eat for and the fiance said she could eat a happy meal along with her son so he could eat. and he said, "we dont even have enough money for mcdonalds". but they were fine with it and happy and they got through another day. my eyes were watery when i thought about how i perceive money and let it consume me at times. sometimes we all need a reminder to regain focus. sorry for the essay. im new here and i just read one of the main blogs and clicked a few names on the comments and found yours. how do you find and search for blogs other than the ones that are showed by popularity from the site?