Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Difference

A lot of the time it becomes easy for us to lose focus on the things that really matter. Some people are blessed with the ability to become decisively narrow minded when it comes to the things that they believe make the difference. Others are not so fortunate. We twist and we turn and we let the current sweep us downstream because for so many its easier to do so than to admit that we arent doing, arent getting, and arent being what we want in life. It is so much simpler to be a sheep. There are far too many opportunities for procrastination - opportunities to chew more grass and spit it back out in the form of reality tv, prescription drugs, and the 4 a.m. trips to the freezer for that dwindling carton of double twist brownie frudge that you'll guilt yourself over later. The truth of the matter is that its easier for us to accept that we never really tried to go after what we want then to face the possibilty of doing so and failing. Many of us never even get far enough to let ourselves be open to the things we want. We instantly dismiss any and all thoughts that might condone for even a second that we are capable of having such things. And maybe for some people that works. Maybe for some its alright to ignore that ever prevalent ache that comes with not moving forward. The nervous energy that comes from standing still. But fortunately, for some, its simply unacceptable to let themselves remain idle. These rare individuals among us are the ones who continue to toil day after day, in situations in which they often find no appeal, for the sake of something that holds truer meaning. These are the people who refuse to give up or give in even when if it means they have to push a little harder or hold out a little longer than they would have liked. Yet, when asked about the source of their dedication, you might find these individuals to be as troubled as the rest of us. No speeches about perseverance or the meaning of hard work - just the honest truth that some things in life are important enough to make you get out of bed each day. It's these things, in the end, that truly make the difference and its these people that we all might strive to be a little more like.

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