Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin/Biden Debate - Part I

Words cannot begin to describe how ridiculously excited I am for tonight's V.P. debate. Maybe about as pleased as I was when I heard that the moderator for tonight, Gwen Ifill, was not only a staunch Obama supporter but also *female*. Yay! If the Republicans try to pull any of their "Forcing Palin To Answer Genuine Questions And Prove She Deserves To Be America's Next V.P. Is Sexism" crap they will be staunchly reminded that according to their own standards the moderator, being in possession of both fallopian tubes and a pretty face, is not capable of sexism under any circumstances. So ha!

I happen to be a feminist kind of a girl and I like to revel in the fact that in Modern America, I am supposedly allowed to have it both ways. I can be both pretty and smart. I can be feminine and hard-working. I can be self-sufficient while still being respected. Just because I can open the door on my own doesn't mean its not a nice gesture-and one that I appreciate. Sarah Palin however seems to take this sentiment and twist it to all kinds of new heights. She's female, in a position of power that's way above her league, and instead of rising to the challenge and showing that she has just as much capacity to be there as any guy (not that she does in all reality - because we all saw the Katie Couric interview - but she could at least try) she's using her femininity as an excuse from having to do any real work. It's such a shame when there are SO many more educated and deserving women that could be in this position. I, quite honestly, was really hoping that Obama would pick Hillary as his running mate. I'm aware that there were complications with the matter and that it would have been a stretch for both of them but it would have been nice to see our entire party united under those two.

Anyways the point is that tonight will be one of the first times where the public is really going to see Palin the way she is. McCain won't be there to back her up (not that he does much of a good job of it anyways) and she wont be able to play off the comments of an interviewer and try to formulate answers from the details of the question she was asked (her attempt at this with regards to the Bailout Plan was quite pathetic) because from what I've seen of Iffil - she isn't going to put up with any of Palin's bs. Hopefully tonight will be a night that sways many of the swing voters to a more democratic tune.

Until the debate starts you can entertain yourself by going here. It's a website showing off Sarah Palin's brilliant mind.

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Anonymous said...

I'm also VERY excited about the debate tonight. Only thing is that I am a little nervous, because Palin's been training off the hook on how to respond tonight, and I heard she's sufficient in debating. We'll see. Another thing is that I'm really hoping Biden can watch his tongue tonight, and not say anything stupid, because if he can win this debate for us Democrats, we're in no matter what. Obama's approval ratings are at 70% in the Electoral College, and he's up 17 points from McCain in the election as of yesterday. (I haven't checked yet today.) So, I feel confident, but I'm not giving my hopes up, because we all know that having the most votes doesn't necessarily mean you win the election. We all remember Florida.

Obama-Biden '08

SBWaire said...

Excitement is in the air! Although, I'm nervous that Biden might put his foot in his mouth tonight.

Ms. Salti said...

Listening to her is like watching a train wreck. Her voice makes me cringe, the words that spew forth from her mouth make me feel embarrassed for her, and the idea that she could possibly one day be President scares the BEJESUS out of me!

Folding Bike Destinations said...

My little sister is a total feminist. I act chauvinistic when I’m around her just to piss her off!

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