Friday, October 10, 2008

Ghost Busters

Let me preface this post by sharing a neat fact about me.

(Ok not so much neat as a total pain. But anyways.)

I am afraid of everything. Like EVERYTHING. Not in a paranoid/might possibly need medication sort of way - but more in a worry-some/worst case scenario type of way. For example:

- I'm afraid of being electrocuted/hit by lightening.
- I'm afraid of me or anyone I know getting getting in a car accident. (This particularly applies to the fiance who drives WAY too fast. You know its true Crayon.)
- I'm afraid of earthquakes/fires/tornadoes/floods and I guarantee that when I buy insurance for my first home whatever sales guy I purchase from is going to be damn happy he went into work that day as my "Every Feasible Disaster That Might Occur Even If Your Climate Only Makes Half Of Them A Possibility" package will probably pay for a trip for every single one of his children into the Happy Land of Orthodontia.
- I'm afraid of all bugs and anything that has more than four legs. Or no legs.
- I'm afraid of getting food poisoning (This is only because I've had it fairly recently though - Note to all Utahns - Stay Away From "Ocean City".)
- I'm afraid of getting some sort of disease/illness or of having anyone I know get one.

But first and foremost the thing that I'm probably the most terrified of - is dying. Which, according to all those weird studies I Google when I can't sleep at night, is pretty common. Simply because we are a society cultivated on the idea that we can and should plan for every possible outcome in our life. Except that doesn't really work with matters like death and the afterlife because we really just don't know how it all shakes down after we're dead and gone. And I, like many others I know, just don't like that. Ignorance is never bliss. And what it really comes down to is the kinds of beliefs you hold - particularly your religious beliefs.

Religion is something I've never really discussed on this blog, partly because I don't want to offend anyone and partly because I haven't seen enough of life to seriously commit myself to any one set of beliefs, but when it comes to death the two seem to go hand in hand. I grew up in a Mormon (LDS- the majority religion in Utah) household and while my family was attending church I always had the idea of Heaven (or possibly Hell - depending on how much of my Mom's perfume I had "borrowed" that week) to fall back on whenever my worries crept up on me. Since then most of my family has become "inactive" (Mormon lingo for: we don't go to church anymore) and while that's perfectly fine with me, as I was never terribly attached to the church and didn't lament the lack of its presence in my life, it has left me without a solid set of answers to turn to when I inevitably start to worry about how quickly my life is moving and what I have to face when its over. And because I have no real solid evidence one way or the other (afterlife vs. unconsciousness) I have no means of satisfying the little bug in my head that likes to remind me of these things at the worst possible moment. He wants answers and I have none to give him. Except not everyone has this problem. And when I say not everyone who I really mean is the Fiance.

When Crayon and I first started dating he let me in on a little fun fact. Apparently his house, and specifically the basement of said house, is haunted. Which is pretty cool. Now before you start rolling your eyes and using words like "poppycock" let me provide a little insight. Crayon cannot lie. He simply cannot do it. The few times he has tried to lie to me (concerning presents, surprises, and other such matters) he pretty much fails at it entirely. He grins, talks in this falsetto type voice, and can't maintain any form of eye contact. The whole thing is rather cute. And when I catch him at it -he blushes relentlessly- but he'll deny that to the ends of the earth.

The point is that if anyone else told me that their basement was haunted and had given me the examples he has I would have told them that they were full of it and probably refused to text them for a few days as punishment for trying to pull a fast one on me. Except Crayon can't lie. Which brings me to this whole new kind of realization. If Crayon can't lie and has told me that he's seen/heard a ghost in his house, then does that mean that "ghosts" actually are real (in some form or another -that is)? And if there is such a thing as a "ghost" does that also mean that there is some type of awareness after we die?

Frankly all of this tends to make my head hurt and also makes me a tad more stressed out soooo (because you guys *rocked* with all of your Tv suggestions - seriously my desk calendar is actually being USED now. it's pretty awesome) I would like to know if anyone else either believes in ghosts or has had any kind of ghost-like experiences. Any sort of insight is appreciated here - and if you think the whole ghost dealio is total bullshit that too would be helpful to know in its own way. If I get some good responses I'll do a follow up post with the best stories and (after I get Crayon's approval) I'll share some of what he's told me about his basement dwelling ghost. Oh - and if you don't want to share your story in the comment section (for personal/anonymity reasons or otherwise) or just think it would be easier to type up elsewhere feel free to email me instead. (See contact info ----->).

Thanks guys. Looking forward to your responses.


Zelda said...

I would say I'm not much of a believer in ghosts. But I do love hearing ghost stories!

Bring 'em on Crayon!!

Allison said...

I have never had any ghost experiences, but I would never say never. There is a whole lot we don't know.

(Is his name really Crayon?)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Pssst. Allison: No lol - his name is James. I call him Crayon because he says I pronounce it wrong (untrue) and he calls me Sharpie (god knows why). But I think we may have to switch back to "James" soon because I'm getting lots of these questions lol.

Mandy said...

I would love to believe in ghosts, but I just can't believe until I actually see one!! I even stayed at what is supposedly the "most haunted" bed & breakfast in America, but did I see a ghost? nope...

Rhaingel said...

I had NUMEROUS ghost experiences. I MEAN IT. I've seen one and felt one and heard one. If ever you are interested, you can always ask me about those encounters.

Amber said...

I watched a little girl ghost play with my mask collection when I was 16. I have not taken them out of their box since (and they didn't move with me, they are still in my parent's house). She didn't scare me, she didn't even seem to care that I was there. She just wanted to play with them. I don't know if she is tied to the house I was in, or the masks themselves (I had a few brand new handmade ones, and had gotten a few recently at a yard sale), but it was 3pm and my brothers were in their rooms. When I finally got myself up to get one of them, she ran off. I was curious about the whole thing, at first. I didn't even box them up right away. They didn't get boxed up until I moved from that bedroom into my brother's bedroom (when he moved out). I never saw her again. I know she came back though. My masks moved sometimes when I was gone (I am sort of a freak about my things and knowing when they have moved, even when it looks like there is no form of organization, I know, ask my husband he HATES it). I think part of me believes she still takes them out of their box and plays with them. I almost hope she does. At least somebody can get some enjoyment out of them, since I no longer do.

Crayon's Mom said...

Our basement is NOT haunted. Really, I live here. James just has an overactive imagination. I love him though.

Dustin, Katie, and Jack said...

We sound a lot alike. I'm afraid of many many things, including lots of things on your list, ghosts definitely included. So I am no help :).

Dayli said...

I haven't had any ghost experiences "per se", however - I did have a fairly weird encounter with a woman who could, potentially, have been me in another life.

Long story, actually... maybe I should write a post about it sometime :-)

Love your blog, BTW!

- A - C - said...

Well, I did have my share of "inexplicable" experiences. The point would be to define what a ghost is, and that would be a very long of a discussion.
Generally speaking though I do believe life isn't necessarily expressed with matter support only, and therefore it's not inconceivable to witness incorporeal life forms, whether they were human in the past or not.

I have expressed this though here, in a rather succinct way:

have a very nice day

Kristi said...

My sister and I used to babysit a little girl when we were younger. She was an odd little girl, and her mom and my mom were friends. The little girl used to talk about a ghost she was "friends" with. Her mom would always hear her playing and talking with The Ghost in her room. I never believed her, but then one morning my mom swears she saw The Ghost (same physical description the little girl always gave) walking though the hallway of our house right before the little girl was dropped off.

I still thought they were all crazy, but then my sister had a sleep over. We were all playing hide and seek in the dark when one of my sister's friends started screaming. She saw The Ghost in the same hallway! She said she thought it was one of us trying to hide, but when she went to touch it, there was nothing there!! Spooky!! She had no knowledge of the the little girl and The Ghost. Plus, seeing the look on her face and how scared she was, I couldn't help but to become a believer!!

Esther said...

Great entry. I too am scared of just about everything. It's a real burden sometimes.

I surf a lot and I have often freaked out and paddled away from a big black shape in the water beneath me only to realize it was my shadow!!

Rachel said...



I do believe in ghosts...somewhat. But I'm more afraid of car accidents.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Zelda: I know - ghost stories are the best! Especially around Halloween!

Allison - that's a really good point. There is a ton that we just can't be sure about.

Mandy - that is how I am. I keep waiting for crayon's ghost to show himself when I'm around but - nope. No ghosty fun for me.

Rhaingel - I would LOVE to hear your stories. I'm a sucker for scary stuff!

Amber - That is the coolest story. I wish I had scary stuff happen to me - just so I could see it with my own eyes. I wonder if she's tied to the masks like you said - crazy!

Crayon's Mom - If that is the case I am going to have to beat him up ;-)

Katie - Good thing we're both up north where the speed limit is 35 everywhere. No chance of car accidents lol.

Dayli - that is definitely a post I'd like to read. Thanks - glad you like it!

A-C - That is a pretty intense argument for the existence of ghosts. I'll have to go check that out!

Kristi - Ohmigod. That's so creepy. I want a ghost experience! So unfair. I think I should go check out some of Utah's "haunted dwellings". Maybe I'll see something like your sisters friend did!

Esther - that's too funny. I usually get freaked out by my puppy. Sometimes I'll turn around and he's like right there next to me and I never heard him walk in. Sneaky little thing.

Rachel - I'm right there with ya girl.