Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Need To Know Basis

I happen to be particularly fond of the word blog. However that is not the reason that I decided to start writing one. I'm also rather attached to the word Ugg but you wont find me sleeping in their boots. Blogs have sprung up as a new phenomenon overnight and I've decided to put out my two cents (which isn't worth much these days) and become a part of the club. I wish we had hats. Honestly, what kind of club doesn't have hats?

Maybe you deserve to know a little bit about me. If I weren't me I'd be at least vaguely interested and even as me I'm still curious (one never really knows oneself) so please bear with me while I get this autobiographical stuff out of the way. It wont last long (I'm a fairly recent addition to this world) and after it's all good and done we can move onto the really interesting bits of conversation, like why I cant seem to keep my goldfish alive and how slinkies may be the most amazing invention this world has seen.

I was born in Utah. Now lets stop right there and clear up a few things. First of all I'm not Mormon (or LDS if you prefer). Also none of us have tails or horns (except this one guy I saw at the dollar theatre the other night who had quite literally plastic surgaried himself into looking like a bald goat - I couldn't stop staring). Also I'm only seventeen. Now there are quite a few negative connotations that trail along with telling people that. First of all the large majority of my time is not spent on Myspace, Facebook, or with my ear glued to my cell phone. Secondly, I don't subside on daddy's plastic nor do I condone the outrageous amount of debt that my generation is quickly racking up. I guess you could say I'm a little negative about my age group. Almost everyone I've ever met has told me that I'm extremely mature for my age but when you think like a 30 year old (and have the legal restrictions of a minor) things can get a little frustrating. Still, I have a lot of fun shocking the people who ask how old I am. I've taken to saying that I'm "new enough". People like that for some reason. I'm of the firm belief that age is irrelevant (on both sides of the spectrum) and this is more than likely going to be the only mention of mine that you'll ever be seeing. So really now - lets try and be "adults" shall we?

Aside from where I live there are only a few more things that I think you need to know about me. I say need because I believe that you cant really have an accurate view of a writer, or the merit of what she's written, without a little background info. You should probably know that I work at a little coffee shop and that I'm currently trying to figure out what I'm going to be doing career-wise. Also I need to buy a car. Which isn't a very thrilling concept in lieu of recent gas prices. I have an addiction to houseplants (I'm constantly buying new ones) and I tend to get too excited when I find something I like on eBay. I'm currently living with some friends and my parents have been divorced and remarried (to other people) 3 times. Each. I find it particularly entertaining.

I think that's plenty for my first little introduction here but I promise more is soon to follow.


P.S. Lizzy is just a nickname so if you live in Utah please don't go harassing all the coffee vending Elizabeth's you know.

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