Friday, August 22, 2008

Two Lives

I am living two lives. And since I've never really been much good at keeping track of the one I was born with - this two-life business is driving me slightly mad. Thanks to J, an endless supply of ipod movies, ridiculous amounts of ice cream, and inspiration born out of a killer migraine, the book is actually going rather well. I have gone from a mildly neurotic, obsessive-compulsive, I-think-I'll-rebuild-my-ipod-for-the-fifth-time, hermit - to an absentminded, voice-hearing, walking into her bedroom door repeatedly, yelling at my family that if they don't shut the hell up I am going to torch the house (after removing all ice cream and the puppy of course), writer.


I think writing may be the only profession where you can brag about your title, and be simultaneously be utterly terrified of what it means. Also its one of the only professions where, after having declared this proudly to a family member, said family member will proceed to pat you lightly on the head like a four year old and say "Well now, isn't that nice." And then of course they walk off to tell all the rest of the family what unfortunate news they have discovered - explaining that you've decided to be "some sort of writer-person" is the same tone in which you would tell someone they have a lethal disease and approximately twenty-five minutes left to live. Lovely.

But regardless of all that - I don't care. I am doing what I love and I'll be damned if I don't finish the book by the end of the year. I'm tempted to get one of those little widgets for my blog that count down to a date you specify but I also think that this will drive me to some serious paranoia that involves filling my bedroom with ticking clocks and possibly spending the next four months eating pretzels and wearing a party hat. Also that reminds me of those horrible death clocks that tell you how many days/hours/minutes you have until you die. There's a great way to give yourself an ulcer. Anyways the point is that I'm afraid until the book is done my posting habits are going to get a bit messy. I'm sure I'll have a really great week where I simply cannot tear myself away from Microsoft Word and then there will be days where I update seven times on here - each time contemplating a new flavor of Ben and Jerry's.

So please forgive my randomness and serious lack of grammar. It's all going into the book - god willing.

Also does anyone know anything about jade plants? I have one and its currently committing suicide. Which is actually rather rude of it - after I've bought it a nice little house and some classical to listen to.



Sarah said...

Yay for getting back into writing.

I can't wait for the book to come out, if it's anything like your blogging it it'll be awesome!

Krista said...

Bummer on the plant - I'm taking care of my coworker's ivy while she's on vacation, and it's not going so well, either...

Hopeful said...

Good luck on the book!