Friday, August 8, 2008

To Do or Not To Do?

Here is what I should be doing:
  • Writing.
(That's all)

What I am doing (but should not be) is the following:
  • Ebaying.
  • Combing through my newly found (and very addictive) site Etsy.
  • Contemplating a trip to the store for ice cream (Half Baked!).
  • Pondering my favorite color of skittle.
  • Napping.
  • Watching reruns of The Office (could September be any farther away?).
  • Reading things that do not fall under the category of "Research for The Book" (i.e. yoga magazines).
  • Discussing Halloween costumes with my mom with regards to my puppy (apparently he's going to be a bat).

I think I need some sort of time management course or something. However that would also take time away from writing. Damn it.



Sarah said...

Here's what I should be doing:
1. Buy books for the fall semester
2.Read the first 3 chapters or so and take notes.

What I'm actually doing:
1. Going to movies with friends
2. Eating out with friends
3. Napping
4. Watching movies from Netflix

So if you find that time management course could you let me know but obviously I'm in the same boat you are! Heh.

Tassie Rosamond said...

I love your blog! I am also a big fan of The Office. I didn't start watching it until last October or November and then the Writer's Strike happened. I did what any addicted person would do...I bought the other 3 seasons on DVD and studied them. I also put off doing stuff for work (I'm a teacher.) Being distracted inspires me at times and forces me to work under pressure....Have a great one! (Do you mind if I add a link to your blog on my blog?)